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Current Active members in Sydney : 4361
1. Nisha S
Looking for Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    AUD600 - 700 Per Month
  • Location :

    Australia - Sydney

I am looking for a room with basic amenities. Please contact me if you have any.

2. Kumar S
Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    AUD799 Per Month
  • Location :

    Australia - Sydney

Hi there, Wish to inform you that I have two rooms to let out in a house in Campsie which is fully furnished with all amenities including broadband unlimited Internet, gas cooking,MW,W/machine etc It's part of a 3 bedroom house.It is in Sydney not Melbourne. Place is 6 mins walk from Rly Stn and 25 mins by train to CBD. I am looking for individual professionals like IT/others or professional couple or their family. Min 6 months of stay reqd though 5 months could also be considered in special cases.I have been having mostly having IT professionals from Indian subcontinent most of the time - however, I have no specific choices and all are welcome. Contact Kumar as given below to discuss further. Std terms and condition apply. Rent quoted above is for one person per wk on sharing basis (ie: sharing the room with another guy from IT from India mostly) and is inclusive of all bills . New arrivals on PR are also welcome. Ind (if & when avaialble) room will come for twenty nine dollars more ie:- one nine nine plus two nine. The place is ready for occupying immediately. Please message me with your contact details or call me anytime between 6:30 pm and 10 pm Sydney (keeping in mind a time diff of four and a half hrs between the two places). If it's two friends or guys working for the same company or on the same project or coming on PR occupying the same room the rate will be Au dollar one hundred and eightty nine per week per head all inclusive. My mob no is zero four zero one eight four eight five three five. You may send me mail responding to this ad but give your email and mob contact nos as well, when enquiring about this ad, as I may not be able to respond promptly by email. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you .

3. Anand S
Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    AUD796 Per Month
  • Location :

    Australia - Sydney

I have a three bedroom house which I am willing to offer on long term lease to 4-5 IT professionals or two IT professional's families (a max of 2-3 members per family) from India. Place has broadband unlimited Internet ( and all other amenities like gas cooking, tel to all national landline & mobile but not overseas, washing machine, MW, dining table etc) and is 27 mins by train to CBD & 7 mins walk to Rly Stn. There's a lounge with seating for 10-12 people. There's a liberal dose of Indian shops in the suburb which will make u feel at home in the company of others from our native country. Will suit those whose client's office is in CBD. Rent quoted above is on per head basis and is all inclusive (all bills included). Each members is to be counted as a head. Children may come for 60% of normal adult rent or less depending on their age.If it's 3 or 4 or 5 individuals it's on sharing basis. Please call Kumar. for details. Prefix Aus country code before dialing and ignore the first zero when dialing. Std terms and conditions apply Other occupants will be from IT /other professions from India. Long term stay of at least eight months -1 year if not more desirable(reqd). Forward this mail to your colleagues overseas or consult them based an information given here. Personally not possible to accommodate for short term visits of less than three months. At any point of time someone is leaving on completion of project – so you may enquire. Will depend on the circumstances at that point of time. You may also e-mail me about 2-3 weeks before you arrive here (not earlier) or respond to this ad. Thank you.

4. Rajesh
Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    AUD800 Per Month
  • Location :

    Australia - Sydney
Last Activity :25/04/2017

Rate This Member(0)

Offering a fully furnished and serviced single room (3 bed 2 bath unit )for rent in homebush, just 100 mts from homebush station and close to all amenities. Rent $270(inclusive of all bills). Fully furnished bi weekly cleaning service Fully equipped kitchen internal laundry Unlimited NBN broadband internet TV with cromecast Covered parking Secured building

5. Imran Kazi
Looking for Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    AUD800 - 1600 Per Month
  • Location :

    Australia - Sydney
Last Activity :25/04/2017

Rate This Member(0)

I am coming to Sydney on PR Visa in month of May 2017 alongwith my family.I am looking for fully furnished 1-2 Bedroom flat.Could you please help ?

6. SS
Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    AUD200 Per Month
  • Location :

    Australia - Sydney
Last Activity :24/04/2017

Rate This Member(0)

We have a one bed room apartment with study room - 4th Floor - in CBD area with one bath room. Looking for Indian, vegetarian female with clean habits

Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    AUD100 Per Month
  • Location :

    Australia - Sydney
Last Activity :24/04/2017

Rate This Member(0)

need any sharing room immidiately required. near to blumountain university.


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