I am Looking for Full Furnished, Semi Furnished, Private Room available in Melbourne

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    Posted by Gautham Nanjunda
    Last Active 10/01/2019
    Hi, I am Gautham, 33 Male, migrating from Bangalore India. I work as a Business Analyst for a software consultancy firm here in Bangalore and would be migrating to Melbourne in March 2019. I am married and have a 3 year old kid back home, but will be migrating alone. I need a temporary accommodation for 3-4 months during which I would hopefully land a job & set up a bigger place to bring in my family. I am clean, tidy and always pay my rent on time. When I am not working, I usually spend time glued to my Kindle e-reader or catch latest shows on Netflix. I love conversations if you are up for a chat. A complete foodie (a little on the chubbier side) and a terrible cook (I can prepare edible things to eat for myself).
    Private Room
    Full Furnished, Semi Furnished