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Current Active members in Hong-Kong : 764
Looking for Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    $400 - 1000 Per Month
  • Location :

    Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Last Activity :19/07/2017

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I need a room from Aug 1st 2017.Common facilities also

30. Vishal Chauhan
Looking for Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    $7000 - 8000 Per Month
  • Location :

    Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Last Activity :15/07/2017

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Need room near EAST Kowloon, hung hom or loaspark. Shared or private studio

31. Nitin
Looking for Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    $7000 - 14000 Per Month
  • Location :

    Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Last Activity :15/07/2017

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Looking for shor term (3 months) apartment for couple.

32. Sobana Rajan
Looking for Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    $2000 - 6000 Per Month
  • Location :

    Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Last Activity :13/07/2017

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Looking for Good and clean room to share with female flatmates starting from 1st Oct,2015. Separate room required

33. Deepa
Looking for Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    $3000 - 7000 Per Month
  • Location :

    Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Last Activity :11/07/2017

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I need a room where Iam ready to share the flat with a family/ or girls

34. Rakshit
Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    $100 Per Month
  • Location :

    Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Last Activity :10/07/2017

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Single or shared room fully furnished in hongkong preferably near hku

Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    $1200 Per Month
  • Location :

    Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Last Activity :09/07/2017

Rate This Member(0)

Hi all, I would like to share my reasonably big & superbly Clean apartment with one Male (Preferably Indian). Your Apartment partner is an Indian Guy of 37, mostly travelling. Working as an International Business Development Manager, in an Automobile Company. I am a Clean, quiet and gentle guy, and expect a same partner. This area is less Polluted than main Hong Kong Island and also less congested. The apartment is just one minute from the Bus stop, which can take you to anywhere in Hong Kong by one hour and half (Max) Like Central, Admiralty, Wanchai, Causwaybay, Mong Kok, Kwun Tong etc. and also Airport. Actually you can see all the buses from your room window, it’s so near. Busses are Direct Busses for most Office Locations, and in the morning there are some High Speed busses to Wanchai, Central etc., with Limited Stops, which reaches you earlier. There is also free Bus from Management of the Housing Complex, which takes to Tin Shui Wai MTR Station. Also Light Rail station is 3 mins walk which takes you to Tin Shui Wai MTR station. Tin Shui Wai Bus Terminus is 5 mins walk, which has direct bus 24 hours to all Location in Hong Kong. Taxis are all around and Uber can be easily called. Within 5 mins of walk, there are 2 Shopping Malls, with all kinds of shops like GIORDANO, KFC, PIZZA HUT, Mc Donald’s, Welcome, Park & Shop, Board way Cinemas and many Chinese Restaurant & many more. The room is having an open View, and faces the Beautiful Swimming pool. You can even swim there from April to October. The living room is well maintained, with all International and Indian Channels including sports Channels & ALL LATEST INDIAN & ENGLISH MOVIES. The stay comes inclusive with High Speed Unlimited Broadband, Hot & Cold Water 24 Hours, Electricity, and Full on Kitchen & Food. Your room is fitted with Window AC, Single Comfortable Bed with Linens & Blankets and a wardrobe to keep your clothes. Every day maid service is provided, except weekends and Public Holidays. The maid cleans the whole house, Clean Clothes, Iron and also cooks an Indian Dinner. Breakfast can be prepared by own. If you want to take Lunch, is also possible, but need to pack by yourself. I take my own lunch, food is been cooked last night by the maid, I just pack the Chapattis etc. A full service Kitchen and fully loaded Refrigerator with Vegetable, Fish, Chicken and other things is there and you will have full access to that, so you can even try your hand for cooking in case you are fond off. I do that every weekend. Actually there are two Refrigerators, so you can have your own special things separately also. Micro Oven, Baking Machine, Washing Machines (2 Nos), all Utensils, all Inclusive. Just move in with your suitcases, that’s all!!!!! You can have a look of the place before you decide!!!!! This will cost you HKD 10,000 per month with no deposit & no other extra cost, but advance payment every month. BUS STOP: TIN SHUI WAI TOWN CENTER BUS TERMINUS OR TIN KWAI ROAD, LYNWOOD COURT MOVING IN DATE: 10TH FEBRUARY 2017 ONWARDS

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